Who We Are

About Vertex Towers

Who We Are

Vertex Towers is a telecommunications infrastructure developer with a growing national footprint. At Vertex, we build, own and manage wireless communication infrastructure, including communication towers and rooftop assets, in strategic locations across the country that support the installation of both macro and micro wireless telecommunications antenna, radios and supporting equipment.

Communications Tower Developer

What We Do

At Vertex, we develop and maintain strong relationships with our landowner and community partners to ensure each facility is designed, permitted and constructed in locations that maximize the coverage solution for the communities that we serve.

Our Process

Technology in the twenty-first century has changed how we live. We don’t go online anymore; we are online. Not only do our phones need to be connected, but our cars, appliances, and everything in between need a solid connection to function correctly.

These connections are all made achievable by an antenna network of communications infrastructure— strategically placed towers and small cells located all around you.

At Vertex, we understand that location matters. Towers and antennas placed in the wrong location can have a detrimental impact on a community, especially in rural areas. We have implemented a data-driven approach in which we combine network drive testing data collection and Radio Frequency propagation software modules to ensure that we are targeting properties and building in locations that will maximize the coverage to the areas and people that they serve.