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Cell Towers

Cell Towers are great at broadcasting any type of wireless signal over large geographic areas. Cell Towers are more heavily regulated by local municipalities and require a thorough knowledge of both the local code as well as engineering. Our Cell Towers are placed in carefully chosen areas and come in a number of styles.

Small Cells

Small Cells sites are at the cutting edge of 5G Communication Technology. It is estimated that nearly half a million are currently being used across the United States. They are exceptionally proficient at optimizing small dead zones outside urban areas.

These Small Cell sites can be concealed and integrated into light poles, flag poles, and many other aesthetically pleasing shapes based on the cell location. The local municipality usually does not regulate these except for a permit fee.

Rooftop Management

Rooftop cell antennas are cell towers without large towers. They can be placed on the rooftops of existing buildings in optimal areas and painted to suit the building esthetic.

These antennas do not provide communication coverage to the building itself but rather the exterior location and surroundings. Typically there is a monthly fee paid to the building owner for the use of this space.